The real-time STARTER Kit
for the digital energy future

Experience the added value of real-time data with minimal effort.
Read any 10 electricity meters every second and view data online in a secure data portal.

Why do we need real-time data?

Real-time data is the basis for mastering the challenges of the energy transition: solar installations, electromobility and heat pumps.

Real-time data is the basis for being able to offer innovative and transparent electricity products for end customers as an energy supplier.

Real-time data is the basis for enabling and establishing Demand Side Management.

The aliunid solution

aliunid offers a simple solution to make data from various already installed electricity meters accessible online in real time. With the aliunid gateway we connect the existing metering infrastructure to the internet in an easy way.

aliunid GATEWAY
aliunid GATEWAY

Captures data from existing meters
and sends it to the private cloud

aliunid private CLOUD
aliunid private CLOUD

Stores the data securely

aliunid UTILITY & HOME
aliunid UTILITY & HOME

Visualises the data for energy suppliers,
grid operators and end customers

The aliunid Gateway
- a multitool

It is suitable for reading a wide range of electricity meters and supports the most common data interfaces and transmission protocols.

Use in the distribution network

Real-time data from transformer stations, substations or local PV productions

Use with private customers

Real-time data from common digital electricity meters/smart meters

Transmits data securely via Swiss cloud. Our aliunid private CLOUD is an innovative cloud solution from Switzerland and offers highest security.

Is compatible with various sensors and interfaces. The gateway can read a variety of electricity meters and data interfaces by means of flashing light, infrared, mBus or Modbus.

Requires only electricity and WIFI. The WIFI signal can also be forwarded via a second gateway if no direct reception is available at the measuring point.

The STARTER Kit - experience and test real-time data

With our STARTER Kit, you can experience and test the energy future with real-time data in an easy way and with minimal effort.

10 aliunid GATEWAY’s

Annual licence for aliunid UTILITY basic

Real-time data in the aliunid HOME app

Coordination session for preparation

½ day installation and commissioning of all measuring points on site.

Added value with minimal effort

Simple upgrade of existing meters. High-resolution electricity consumption data becomes easily available. Missing metering data is now a thing of the past.

By testing the aliunid real-time solution, innovation can be experienced with minimal effort.

The experiences and learnings from the use of the real-time STARTER Kit are a valuable input for your own digitalisation and metering strategy.

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