aliunid POWER Kit for the OSTRAL case

Prepared for a power shortage?

With the aliunid POWER Kit for the OSTRAL1 case, the distribution network operator optimally supports its large customers with a simple, digital solution in the event of a power shortage.

1 OSTRAL = Organisation for Electricity Supply in Extraordinary Situations

The aliunid solution for distribution network operators and their large customers

With the aliunid Power Kit, the distribution grid operator digitalises and automates its processes in the event of a crisis.
It optimally supports large customers in coping with a possible power shortage.
The aliunid solution makes data from a wide range of already installed electricity meters accessible online.
In this way, the existing metering infrastructure can be easily connected to the internet.

The distribution grid operator manages the electricity quotas of his large customers in a web app. In the event of a crisis, he can send information directly to the metering point manager of the large customer.

The aliunid cloud is a 100% Swiss IoT solution and suitable for system-critical infrastructure.

The aliunid GATEWAY is suitable for reading a wide range of electricity meters and supports the common data interfaces and transmission protocols. The real-time data of the existing meters can be made accessible online within a very short time.

Large customers see their electricity consumption processed in an app in conformity with OSTRAL, together with all the information from the distribution grid operator on the electricity shortage situation.

Features of the aliunid solution for power shortages

Added value of the aliunid POWER Kit

Added value for major customers

  • you can save energy costs
  • you can avoid production interruptions
  • you can plan better
  • They can use their resources efficiently
  • You can avoid damage and accidents

Added value for the distribution grid operator

  • he is customer-oriented and helps his major customers
  • it fulfils the legal obligations
  • it retains information sovereignty in the event of a crisis
  • by informing its customers in real time, it reduces damage and start-up loads after power interruptions
  • he can prove his fulfilment of duty through a complete documentation of the message history

It's that simple

1. Install and register the aliunid app.
The persons responsible for the measuring points at the major customers download the aliunid app onto their mobile phones and register.

2. an aliunid GATEWAY is installed at the electricity meters of the large customers.
aliunid or the distribution network operator installs the gateways on site at the large customers. The GATEWAY is compatible with all common Swiss electricity meters and reads the consumption data every 5 seconds.

3. the distribution system operator configures the measuring points
The monthly quota targets are entered for each large customer, it is assigned to the corresponding transformer circuit and its consumption is bundled with other large customers as required.

4. prepared for the event of a crisis
Distribution grid operators and large customers are now prepared. The app visualises power consumption and shows all power shortage messages

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