Grid operator

As a distribution grid operator, you offer smart energy solutions at the cutting edge and at the same time have a product that simplifies your work processes in the event of a power shortage.


As a company, you create a transparent data basis for monitoring and optimising energy-efficient operation and minimise your electricity costs.


As a public organisation, you bring structure and clarity to the electricity consumption of your entire institution (also multi-site) and strengthen the corporate culture with transparent reports.

Multi-Side Application

  • Can be used over several buildings and locations
  • Integration of complicated and complex measurement situations into one system
  • Independent of the supply area of the grid operator
  • Easy integration of new measuring points (submetering)

Independent of the existing IT system

  • Can be introduced without changing the existing system
  • Works with its own cloud solution and does not rely on integration with existing IT systems
  • Is compatible with both old and modern systems
  • Can continue to be used when the system is renewed (migration)
  • Generic data structure allows the integration of a wide variety of measuring points
  • Real-time data streaming to other systems via API (coming soon)

Fast, simple and flexible

  • From initial contact to real-time data in a few weeks
  • Plug & Play System - Gateway can be installed without electrician
  • Integration instead of installation avoids costs
  • Independent of the underlying infrastructure
  • The investment pays off quickly through electricity savings (amortisation)


A power shortage situation means an imbalance of power supply and power demand over a longer period of time.
The Confederation orders management measures in the event of a power shortage. OSTRAL is the organisation for electricity supply in extraordinary situations. On the instructions of the government, OSTRAL prepares management measures and implements them when a power shortage situation occurs.
Level 1 — Savings appeals: These can still be implemented without issuing a management ordinance and are to be complied with on a voluntary basis.
Stage 2 — Consumption restrictions: Prohibition of certain electricity consumers or applications that are not absolutely necessary and energy-intensive.
Stage 3 — Quota system: All large-scale consumers are obliged to save a certain amount of electricity.
Stage 4 — Grid Shutdowns: For individual areas of a distribution grid, the power supply is interrupted for several hours at a time. Grid disconnections serve as a "last resort" and should be avoided if possible.
After OSTRAL: The Confederation shall request a report on the implementation of and compliance with the quotas. Any violations are investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.
Large consumers are electricity customers with an annual consumption of more than 100’000 kWh (according to Art. 11 of the Electricity Supply Ordinance).

Added value for

Intelligenz statt Kupfer
Managing power shortages intelligently
Increase satisfaction of key accounts
Vereinfachung der Arbeitsprozesse
Simplification of the work processes
Less supervision effort
Energy data for process optimisation
Checking whether the operation is energy efficient
Reducing costs through energy efficiency and optimised electricity procurement
CO2 monitoring and optimisation
Makes static, inflexible systems dynamic
Promoting corporate culture through transparent reports
Role model and pioneer in energy efficiency
Ready for a power shortage

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Structure data

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