Energy industry

As an energy supplier, you receive real-time data, tools and analyses to answer your questions about tomorrow’s energy supply (decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation).

Network economy

With real-time data, you bring light into the darkness of the distribution grids. You begin to understand how the load flows in your distribution grid are changing due to the electrification of mobility and heat as well as the expansion of photovoltaics and what this means for your grid.

Demand Side Management

The sustainable mobility of the future is electric. Integrate electric cars intelligently into your distribution grid and use their flexibility for collective optimisation within a neighbourhood. For sustainable mobility without grid overload.

Simulations and data analytics

Based on data from your supply area and new scientific methods, aliunid can work with you to answer important questions about your energy and network economy of tomorrow.

A selection


Analysis of the local and regional charging behaviour of e-mobility


Scenarios for the future total load profile incl. e-mobility, heat pumps and photovoltaics

Analysis of the influence of electromobility on the load flows in individual transformer circuits

Identification of the transformer stations with the greatest need for action with regard to an overload risk

Visualisation of the load flows in your distribution network or individual transformer circuits in real time


Disaggregation and forecasting of the largest consumers (analytically or by sub-metering)

More insights with real-time monitoring

Real-time data can be used to further improve the analyses, and the monitoring is specifically tailored to the customer’s needs. With our technology, we can measure at the most diverse points and integrate the most diverse interfaces in the distribution network.

Energy procurement
  • Decentralised production (e.g. photovoltaics)
  • Central production (e.g. hydropower plants)
  • Balance groups
Distribution network
  • Feeding in the substations
  • Transformer stations
  • Distribution cabins
Business and private clients
  • load profile
  • Electromobility
  • Prosumer

Collective optimisation in real time

Real-time data is the basis for demand side management in the future.
The energy transition is leading to major changes in the load on the distribution grids. For the grid and the energy supply to remain secure and affordable, the use of the grids must be optimised from an overall (collective) perspective. The initial situation can be different for each grid operator. Together with aliunid, you analyse your initial situation and develop a specific solution for your energy transition challenges.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your distribution network provides information on the current network utilisation.

Control algorithm

Control algorithms prevent local grid overload and optimise load flows.

Flexible loads

Electric cars, heat pumps and photovoltaics can be used flexibly to collectively optimise the distribution grid.

Use Case Electromobility

The charging behaviour of the electric cars within a transformer circuit is collectively optimised. Real-time data makes it possible to break load peaks and use locally produced electricity directly. The end customers retain decision-making authority via the app and receive appropriate remuneration for their flexibility.

Your advantages as an energy supplier

Innovation for the power supply of tomorrow

You position yourself as an innovative electricity supplier and learn how to use data from your distribution network to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s energy and network industry.

Intelligenz statt Kupfer
Intelligence instead of copper

The simulations create a data-based analysis of the need for action in the distribution network and enable a cost-efficient expansion.

decentralised, decarbonised and digital

You will gain new skills and take the next step towards a decentralised, decarbonised and digital energy supply.

aliunid knows the industry

We have many years of experience in the energy sector and advise you individually and in close proximity to our customers.

Reference projects

The way we produce and use electricity is currently undergoing major changes. Electric cars and heat pumps need additional electricity, and electricity is produced decentrally via solar installations.
What influence will electric cars and photovoltaic systems have on the IB-Murten electricity grid? And how will it be if the expansion of these continues? When will the grid operator have to take measures?
In 2017, the Energy Strategy 2050 was approved in a referendum. Based on this decision, it is expected that the number of decentralised renewable energy sources will soon increase significantly. What are the most important aspects of a breathing supply grid?
Data analyses and artificial intelligence (AI) in the electricity grid can not only provide great added value for grid operators and the overall system, but are also necessary for the transformation to a sustainable energy supply to succeed.

aliunid’s core competences make it possible

Enter data

Collect data

Store data

Structure data

Structure data


Use data

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