Decarbonisation is changing the energy system

Today’s energy supply is not up to the challenges of renewable, decentralised electricity production and the electrification of mobility and heat.

In a renewable energy supply, there is too much electricity when the sun is shining and too little when it is not. In addition, more and more electric cars and heat pumps will greatly increase the demand for electricity and lead to more extreme load peaks.

The electricity grid must therefore become more flexible in order to be able to react more quickly to these fluctuations. At aliunid, we call this a “breathing supply”.

with too much energy

  • use solar power
  • switch on boilers and heat pumps
  • charge electric cars and batteries

with too little energy

  • use central power stations
  • throttle boilers and heat pumps
  • discharge batteries

Vision of the breathing supply

Flexible loads and storage are collectively optimised to compensate for power fluctuations.

When there is a surplus, energy is “breathed in”, electricity consumption is increased for a short time and energy is stored. When there is a shortage, electricity consumption is reduced and the previously stored energy is used or “exhaled”.

Real-time data from the entire energy system, from the power plant to the household, is needed to make breathing supply possible.

Real-time data are not available despite smart meters

For many energy companies, data on production, distribution and consumption is not available, especially not in real time.

Smart meters are currently being installed throughout Switzerland, which can measure much more data. But smart meters are not designed to collect and transmit real-time data, so this valuable data cannot be used.

Combined with smart solutions and control algorithms, real-time data becomes a game-changer for our energy future.

aliunid's mission is to provide this real-time data and to develop smart solutions for a secure energy future and a successful energy transition.

About the company

The founders

Dr David Thiel and Prof. Dr Andreas Danuser founded aliunid as a start-up in 2018. Both founders have complementary – scientific, practical and entrepreneurial – experience. The founders are supported by a rapidly growing team of selected experts from the “old” and the “new” world.

Dr. David Thiel 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Danuser  

The team

From the engineer to the designer, the team works together with our partners to realise the common mission.

Currently, more than 30 energy providers, two large hydropower producers and a Swiss IoT developer form an innovative and powerful business ecosystem.

Supported by the federal government, the EU and leading Swiss universities

aliunid is working with leading Swiss research institutions to develop the breathing supply. These research projects are funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and the European Horizon 2020 programme. Aliunid is working with the company Appmodule, which is responsible for the software and hardware development. The Technology Fund of the Swiss Confederation guarantees aliunid.

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