The potential of real-time data is enormous

Many of the electricity meters installed today do not provide data on current electricity consumption.
The valuable measurement data is used almost exclusively for the annual billing of electricity.

aliunid develops technologies with which data from the power grid can be collected, stored, structured and used in real time.

Enter data

Collect data

Store data

Structure data

Structure data


Use data

Collect data

aliunid offers various possibilities to easily integrate existing electricity meters and collect data in real-time.

  • Already installed electricity meters become real-time capable
  • Integration instead of installation avoids costs
  • Real-time data becomes available
  • Area-wide and inexpensive to implement

Transmits data securely via Swiss cloud. Our aliunid private CLOUD is an innovative cloud solution from Switzerland and offers highest security.

Is compatible with various sensors and interfaces. The gateway can read a variety of electricity meters and data interfaces by means of flashing light, infrared, mBus or Modbus.

Requires only electricity and WIFI. The WIFI signal can also be forwarded via a second gateway if no direct reception is available at the measuring point.

The aliunid GATEWAY is suitable for reading a wide range of electricity meters and supports the conventional data interfaces and transmission protocols. Solutions based on the GATEWAY are independent of the regulated meter-to-cash systems and can be implemented in an uncomplicated manner.

Supported interfaces:

  • blinking LED (S0)
  • Infrared interface (IR)
  • M-Bus Push
  • RS-485 (Modbus/RTU)
  • DSMR/P1 (coming soon)

Supported meter manufacturers:

  • Landis + Gyr
  • Kamstrup
  • Elster
  • Ensor
  • Siemens
  • NES
  • and many more

With aliunid’s proxy technology, utilities and companies can read electricity meters that are already connected to an IP network in real-time.

If an electricity meter is already connected via Ethernet or integrated into a home network / energy management system, the connectivity challenge is already solved. With the aliunid proxy solution, utilities can integrate all measuring points onto the aliunid platforms without any additional hardware once the end customer has given their consent.

In addition to the load profile every 15 minutes, it is also possible to visualize the load profile in real-time on a smartphone. The proxy solution therefore brings the measuring points into a real-time world and uses the existing smart meter infrastructure for this. All data is stored in aliunid’s private, decentralized cloud in Switzerland, protected by the Swiss Data Protection Act.

An API interface also enables the real-time data to be used in other applications.

Already successfully integrated systems:

  • Vivavis
  • Janitza/Gridvis
  • Semax
  • Smart-me
  • BACnet
  • Further systems are integrated on an ongoing basis

Store data

aliunid stores all data in a self-developed and independent cloud platform.

  • Highest security through decentralised data architecture
  • Data is located in Switzerland, protected by the Swiss Data Protection Act
  • Suitable for system-critical infrastructure
  • 100% Swiss IoT
  • Data privacy is key: The (real-time) data of the power consumption of users must be protected as best as possible, as this is sensitive information.
  • Instead of a central database, each user has access to their own private cloud, designed for the highest level of data protection.
  • By law, the data belongs to the end customer, therefore a declaration of consent and control option for sharing data is necessary.
  • The energy infrastructure is system-critical, so control must be decentralised to make the system more resilient.

Structure data

In aliunid’s system, the data is intelligently structured. The creation of virtual measuring points makes energy balancing possible.

  • Scalable system architecture
  • Individually adaptable according to requirements
  • flexible access management
  • Energy balance groups in real-time

In order to efficiently process real-time data from thousands of houses, a scalable system architecture is needed. For this purpose, aliunid uses a grid block structure. Each grid block combines the data of the measurements below it and exchanges only four values with the next higher level. This procedure is currently being patented.

Use data

The aliunid web and mobile apps add value for companies, private customers and energy suppliers and create the basis for new solutions.

  • Consumption visualisations bring transparency.
  • The users gain insight into their energy efficiency and can save electricity.
  • Real-time data makes electricity tangible and a customer experience.
  • Data can be exported for another context.
  • Real-time data is the basis for controlling and optimising energy flows.




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