Local production

Real-time data from local production enables direct trading of your own electricity mix.


You build up a real-time database from your power grid and bring transparency to the power supply.

Private customers

You make existing electricity meters real-time-capable and occupy the digital interface with your private customers.

The real-time electricity product

With this complete package of all HOME Kit modules, you expand your private customer offer with a sustainable electricity product that is tailored to today’s needs: local, sustainable, and transparent.

The real-time data on production and consumption are displayed and managed online. The locally produced solar electricity is measured in real-time and distributed directly to the end consumers. The CO2 savings compared to the Swiss electricity mix are clearly displayed.


Learn how other companies are using the real-time electricity product:

The advantages

Positive image and customer loyalty

You benefit from a positive image effect and contribute to the transparent and fair marketing of local and climate-friendly production.

Ready for decentraliseddecentralized and digital energy supply

You build up a database and gain new skills. Take the next step for the decentralized energy supply of tomorrow.

Integration instead of installation

You make existing electricity meters – including smart meters – real-time capable and avoid large investments and installation work.

Marketing support

You receive white-label templates for the desired marketing media (flyers, websites…) and build up digital sales competence.

Quick to implement

The HOME Kit is ready to use in a few weeks and can be rolled out quickly in your coverage area, as we have already prepared everything.

Transparency in real-time

End-users receive full transparency about their consumption and are empowered to optimize their electricity consumption.

Adapted to the lifestyle

Customers receive a product that corresponds to their lifestyle: local, sustainable, and transparent.

Highest data security

The decentralized cloud from aliunid offers the highest data security and is 100% Swiss. All customers receive their own private cloud.

Smart home application

The digitalization of one’s own household is decisively expanded with the electricity factor.

Electricity becomes an experience

The end-customer app makes electricity a tangible topic and inspires customers to regularly interact and engage with their own energy consumption.

aliunid’s core competences make it possible

Enter data

Collect data

Store data

Structure data

Structure data


Use data

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