Installation aliunid GATEWAY

Commissioning of the aliunid GATEWAY with blinker sensor

In this area we will show you how to put your aliunid GATEWAY into operation, how to install the blinker sensor and how to see and analyze the first real-time data.

Prepare the required material as shown in the picture below. You need the following material for commissioning:

Supply your aliunid GATEWAY with electricity. Use the supplied USB-C cable and USB power supply unit.

Check that the green light emitting diode on the underside of the housing is flashing. This means that your aliunid GATEWAY is ready for registration.

Now connect the supplied S0 reading head. The connection for the reading head is located to the right of the USB connection. Make sure you hear a click. As soon as you have heard the click, the reading head should no longer be able to be pulled out. Please check that the reading head is securely attached and cannot be pulled out.

aliunid HOME

Now open aliunid HOME on your smartphone. You can register your aliunid GATEWAY with a mobile device that uses iOS as the operating system, as well as with a mobile device that is based on Android.

Log in with your access data or register as a new user. How you can register in aliunid HOME is explained in the following area. Link registration aliunid HOME

Click on “Add sensor”.

Now select the turn signal sensor and then click on "Configure sensor"

Scan the QR code on the side of the housing or enter the device ID first. Link registration aliunid HOME

In the Resolution area, select the blink rate of your electricity meter. The flashing pulse rate indicates how often the light-emitting diode of the electricity meter lights up per kilowatt hour consumed. You will find the flashing pulse rate of your electricity meter next to the flashing light-emitting diode. If the blink rate of your meter is not in the list, you can enter your own value.

Now enter the access data for your wireless network. As soon as you have entered the name and password of your WLAN, click on «Next». You may have to approve the location of your device in order to use the Bluetooth interface. For this reason, click on “When using the app”.

All available aliunid GATEWAYs are displayed on this page. Select your aliunid GATEWAY from the list and click on «Connect».

The configuration will now be transferred from your smartphone to the aliunid GATEWAY. Wait until all the steps are successfully completed.

You have now successfully put your aliunid GATEWAY into operation and can now see and analyze the first real-time data in aliunid HOME.

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