Energy as a comprehensive digital solution

aliunid is a digital resource for energy suppliers, grid operators and energy producers. Thanks to our comprehensive solution, you can design energy services more efficiently and thus more sustainably – and in real time. Your end customers – both households and businesses – experience aliunid as a user-friendly smart home or smart business solution.

New business model:

as a forward-looking energy service provider, you provide a digital interface for your customers – both households and companies.

Swiss technology:

you work with a secure and decentralised Swiss real-time IoT system with which you aggregate data from different metering systems and monitor energy flows in the grid.

Positive image:

you score points with your stakeholders and benefit from a positive image effect because you rely on smart, local and climate-friendly energy solutions.

Innovative products:

you use a breathing, innovative comprehensive solution that can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Energy in real time:

your customers obtain renewable energy from local or regional Swiss sources that is available at all times.

A smart comprehensive solution:

aliunid uses renewable energy specifically and exactly when end users need it. In other words, smarter rental housing and homes for all.

Reliable and good supply:

clean electricity at any time from your region or with hydroelectric power from the Valais and Ticino Alps.

All data in real time:

Endnutzer haben Zugang zu allen nötigen Informationen, um proaktiv und wirkungsvoll seine Energiebilanz zu verbessern.

Fully transparent:

using our app, end users also gain insight into their individual electricity consumption, their electricity mix, their carbon footprint and their costs.

Full data security:

All end users receive their own cloud solution to store and process their data. The individual clouds form an intelligent swarm. The two-way exchange of data is anonymised.


your customers make a sustainable contribution to the climate and thus to a clean future.

Energy efficiency:

end users automatically protect the environment while economising on electricity and money.

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How “breathing supply” works

aliunid UTILITY, energy management in real time, can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. Our solution measures and analyses the energy flows in your distribution network. This is how you reconcile energy procurement and sales in real time. You get to know your systems and customers in a new way and can offer real-time electricity products. In other words: you work with a secure, decentralised Swiss real-time IoT system that allows you to aggregate data from different metering systems and measure, analyse and use

Moving from a rigid to a breathing supply

In renewable energy supply, there is too much power when the sun is shining, and too little power when it is not. So, how do you prevent a power surplus or a blackout? This is precisely where the “breathing” system of aliunid comes in.

When there is a surplus, energy is “breathed in”, electricity consumption is increased for a short time. As a result, energy is stored at the end customer. In the event of a shortage, electricity consumption is reduced until the local self-production or the house battery feeds energy back into the grid or “breathes out” again. The phase-out of nuclear power and a rapid reduction in CO2 emissions will thus be possible in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

Measuring demand in real time

Until now, the central power plant has controlled the supply system in a top-down way. Detailed, aggregated information about the energy flows of the end customer was not necessary, nor was it available. aliunid changes that and controls the energy flow from the bottom up. To this end, the aliunid solution uses real-time information on the status of the supply system (output, current, voltage, reactive energy, frequency) from the individual household step by step via the distribution cabinet to the transformer and on to the power plant.

Decentralised supply

The integrated supply system of aliunid is organised from the bottom up. Only if the underlying unit has too much or too little energy is there an exchange with the next higher level.

Efficient and less CO2

The real-time information on the energy consumption of each end customer reveals the individual carbon footprint. aliunid, however, does not only visualise the respective climate footprint for the household. What it does, in fact, is to forecast the CO2 content of the energy supply for the coming hours. By controlling electricity consumption at the end customer or using flexible hydropower in real time, the effective carbon footprint at home is minimised. aliunid wants to use real-time products to implement the climate targets of the Swiss Energy Strategy today instead of waiting until 2050. In addition to innovative products, aliunid is looking for regulatory ways in which these effective CO2 reductions can be credited financially to customers.

Swiss technology

aliunid is based on a specially developed, entirely Swiss internet-of-things platform (SIoT). With aliunid, all customers receive their own private cloud on which their personal data is stored. The individual cloud is independent, but works together with other clouds in a purposeful way. This creates an intelligent swarm of distributed systems. The two-way exchange of data is anonymised. This IoT solution is 100% Swiss and sets new standards in terms of data protection and cybersecurity.


Here, you will find helpful information about our BLINK sensor and aliunid HOME and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

A strong network

Around 20 Swiss energy companies from all stages of the value chain are pooling their expertise with aliunid to create the supply system of the future.

The network and its members

Currently, around 20 energy suppliers, three large hydropower producers and a Swiss IoT developer represent an innovative and powerful business ecosystem. All the necessary practical expertise, systems and end-customer issues are available in the aliunid community to implement a breathing supply nationwide and progressively, together with the end customers. This requires expertise along the entire value chain, energy and the innovative capacity of different players in order to build the energy system of the future.

Support from the Swiss federal government, the EU and leading Swiss universities

Given its key role in the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050, aliunid received substantial support from the Swiss Confederation and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). This support was provided in 2019/2020 as part of the Switzerland-wide field test “breathing supply”. It related not only to technical topics (identification and control of flexibility), but also to regulatory topics (“new” supply = “new” regulation) and the areas of data protection and cybersecurity (digital infrastructure). Within this framework, aliunid has developed a collaboration with the best universities and institutes of technology in Switzerland, notably the University of St. Gallen, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH Zurich), the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH Biel) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO Wallis). Since January 2020, aliunid has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. The EU is interested in our decentralised, 100% Swiss IoT solution (Swiss internet of things).

aliunid is “all you need”

We let electricity flow transparently – decentralised, from the household to the power plant. Why? Because that way we can use energy in a really efficient way. And because this way we can turn every home into a smart home, promote renewable energy and enable everyone to reduce their own carbon footprint. To achieve this, we work hand in hand with local energy service providers and are on hand as a technology partner with the aliunid system. We have one major goal: to work together to achieve the climate targets of the Energy Strategy 2050. For a future of clean energy.

Numerous energy supply companies, hydropower producers and IoT developers are already participating in aliunid AG. Thanks to the financial and content-related commitment of the aliunid community, an agile and entrepreneurial approach is possible that is both goal-oriented and sustainable.


The founders

Dr David Thiel and Professor Andreas Danuser founded aliunid as a start-up in 2018. Both founders have complementary – scientific, practical and entrepreneurial – experience. They are supported by a rapidly growing team of selected experts from the “old” and the “new” world.


Dr. David Thiel

Dr David Thiel studied economics at the University of Basel and obtained a doctorate in energy economics (integrated resource planning) in 1995. As CEO of Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB), David was responsible, among other things, for the water and energy supply of the greater Basel area for ten years. Together with his team, he succeeded in reducing the carbon footprint of IWB’s energy supply by more than 25% during that time. Previously, he managed the energy and telecoms business of the Zug-based WWZ Group, a company under private law, as head of sales for eight years. David is an experienced CEO with an extensive track record in energy, telecoms and water utilities. Since 2013, he has been driving the digitalisation of energy supply throughout numerous entrepreneurial initiatives. He initiated Smart Regio Basel in 2015 and was voted Switzerland’s Top Digital Shaper (level C)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Danuser

Professor Andreas Danuser completed a degree in electrical engineering at ETH Zurich and subsequently obtained a doctorate in the field of networked IT systems. Andreas developed new technologies for distributed real-time computer systems in control products and systems at ABB. At Ascom, Andreas headed the Strategic Technology Unit for six years. Since 1998, he has been a successful entrepreneur in the fields of telecommunications (VOIP), IT and IoT. During that time, Andreas has founded, developed and, in some cases, sold around a dozen companies. Since 2014, he has been a professor of internet of things (IoT) at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Milestones in his career as an entrepreneur included taking over the operation of the fixed-line network of Sunrise Switzerland and in various Asian countries, as well as equipping several international rail and bus operators with mobile router systems. SIoTv2 has been available since spring 2019. It was specially developed as a decentralised swarm cloud to meet the requirements of distributed systems, such as those needed for a decentralised energy supply system.

Innovation requires joint efforts

The two founders are supported by a highly qualified team of experts in the fields of IoT and energy management. Around 20 people currently work in the Aarau office, the aliunid lab at BFH in Biel and an IoT development centre in Niš in Serbia.

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