Real-time energy product

The new electricity product for decentralized energy supply

This new electricity product is based on real-time data of the power origin and consumption and is our answer to the decentralized energy supply of tomorrow. It is the basis for a future-proof end-customer offering.

Making production and consumption transparent in real-time

With the real-time electricity product, the energy supplier offers its customers renewable electricity 24/7.
And when the sun does not shine (enough), we use hydropower from the Swiss Alps.

If the local production is insufficient, we use hydroelectric power from Ticino and Valais.

Real-time data on production and consumption are displayed and managed online. The production is displayed simultaneously with consumption.

Local renewable electricity production (solar, small hydropower, etc.) covers, whenever possible, the electricity demand of the supply area. The production data is made available online in real-time by using gateways.

The customers' electricity consumption is read in real-time using aliunid gateways and made accessible online.

The all-in-one package for energy suppliers

By combining our products, energy suppliers can add a real-time electricity product to their portfolio.

Measuring point integration
With the aliunid GATEWAY, you integrate existing electricity meters and make them accessible online.

Management Tool
In the aliunid UTILITY tool the data of the measuring points are displayed and managed in real-time (after data is released by customers in HOME App).

Swiss IoT
The aliunid cloud is a 100% Swiss IoT solution (Internet of Things). Each customer stores the data in a private cloud and thus retains full control always.

App for end customers
Your customers get access to their real-time data via the aliunid HOME App.

Marketing support
aliunid provides white label templates of the desired marketing media.

Create added value

Positive image/customer loyalty
You have good news for your stakeholders and benefit from a positive image effect because you rely on smart, local, and climate-friendly energy solutions.

Access to real-time data
You now receive data on production and consumption every 5 seconds (after approval by the end customer in HOME App).

Integration instead of installation
You make existing metering infrastructure real-time capable and avoid significant investments and installation work.

Full transparency
End users get access to all the information they need to improve their energy performance (electricity consumption, mix, CO2 footprint, costs, efficiency, etc.) proactively and effectively via the HOME App.

Real sustainability
Customers can be sure that they will always be supplied with renewable electricity from their region or with hydropower from their city/community or the Valais and Ticino Alps.

Data security
All customers receive their private cloud to store and process their data. The mutual exchange of data only takes place with explicit consent.

Right incentives
Real-time data creates transparency on the coincidence of production and demand. This highlights the need for action to guarantee tomorrow’s supply.

Achieving climate goals
The real-time electricity product creates incentives to build the power plants that Switzerland needs tomorrow.

100% Swiss solution
The power comes exclusively from Switzerland. Our IoT (Internet of Things) solution is 100% Swiss and suitable for system-critical infrastructure.

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