Electric mobility

Electric mobility in
the distribution grid

The sustainable mobility of the future is electric. But that alone is not enough for us. aliunid is committed to the intelligent integration of electric cars into the distribution grid. For sustainable mobility without grid overload. We call this breathing in the transformer circuit.

The solution from aliunid

aliunid proposes a collective optimization of the decentralized charging infrastructure within one trafocircle

Real-time monitoring of the distribution network provides information on the current network capacity utilisation.

A higher-level control algorithm collectively optimizes the charging behavior of electric cars to prevent local grid overload.

The existing charging infrastructure is integrated via the cloud interfaces. Owners of electric cars are addressed directly via an app and retain the final decision-making authority over their charging flexibility.

The offer of aliunid

Analyse electromobility in your distribution grid.
In a preliminary study, the current and future influence of electromobility on the distribution grid is quantified and analyzed.

Number of electric vehicles today and in the future in your community (tailorized scenarios).

Impact on your overall load profile

Identification of transformer station with need for action

Use Case Load Management E-Mobility

Measure electromobility in your distribution grid.
The load flows and the influence of electromobility on the distribution grid become visible.

Integration and installation real-time measurements in the network

Continuous monitoring in real time

Load flow simulation with increasing e-mobility

Recommendation for action and business case Load management

Demand Side Management for electric vehicles.
The charging behaviour of electric cars within a  transformer circuit is collectively optimized.
The end customers retain the decision-making powers via the app and receive a refund for providing their flexibility.

Real-time data on the utilization of the distribution network

Cloud interface to charging stations

App for end customer

Load management platform for distribution system operators

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