Well positioned for the future of energy?

The groundwork for the way energy will be supplied in future is being laid now. It will be decentralised, digital and decarbonised, enabled through real-time data and the internet of things (IoT). The right competencies and good risk management are necessary in order to take advantage of these enormous opportunities. How ready is your utility for the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050? Take advantage of the ES2050 Check, aliunid’s consulting service.

What you can expect from the ES2050-CHECK

Positioning for the future
Strategy check and benchmarking with comparable Swiss energy supply companies. Take advantage of Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 to successfully reposition your energy company.

Know-how Transfer and Network
Advanced training on cutting-edge Swiss IoT technology for energy companies and access to the aliunid community

Experience the added value of real-time data
Non-binding on-site testing of real-time data systems using the electricity meters of your choice.

Innovation in product development
Exclusive access to innovation in developing and marketing data-based end customer products.

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